Immediate Muscle Stiffness & Pain Relief

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Welcome to TODS SPORTS MASSAGE! Your search for muscle stiffness & pain relief is here!

Are you suffering from neck or back stiffness or pain, muscle injury or stress? I am a Sports Massage Therapist providing expert pain and stress relief using Trigger Point and Myofascial Release with passive stretching. Whether you’re an ultra marathon runner an office worker or a busy parent, my deep tissue technique gets results. It's hard to find massage therapy that's the right pressure. The key to effective massage is steady pressure held long enough for a neuro-muscular release. Often it's too light, too quick and there's too much movement. I work as deep as needed to the specific spots on the muscle. My office is a quiet and tranquil healing environment so you can relax, unwind and feel refreshed again!          

If you are in pain that is preventing you from your daily activities and it is out of office hours, please call anyway to get help. It’s very frustrating when you need massage right away and "the next available appointment is next week. I am here to remove your muscle issues!